With the resignation of Justice Breyer, President Biden has his first opportunity to name a justice to the United States Supreme Court.

“I’m looking forward to making sure there’s a black woman on the Supreme Court,” Biden promised during the 2020 presidential campaign, “to make sure we, in fact…

Thurgood Marshall Wants You To Get To Work

Photographs for “The Problem We All Live With,” Norman Rockwell (Look Magazine, 1964)

A little girl is walking to school. She walks many blocks. Then she walks through the railroad yards. Eventually, she crosses a busy avenue, only to stand and wait. And wait. And wait, as the sun comes up, for the bus to arrive.

The bus then carries her the mile…

DaddyJim & Me in Central Park, 1967

My father died five years ago today.

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about him, more than once. I am the person I am — for better or worse — because of who he was. And who he raised me to be.

These are the things my father taught me:

How to make…

Everyone is talking about the Supreme Court’s big Indian Law decision. But here’s what’s missing from the conversation: Black People

1866 Treaty Map with the 5 Tribes

The United States Supreme Court ruled last week that much of eastern Oklahoma falls within the Muscogee (Creek) Indian reservation.

The 5–4 decision, in McGirt v. Oklahoma is perhaps the significant legal victory for Native Americans in a generation. It will have broad implications for Native people who live across…

It started in the earliest days of our Republic.

First, they came for us on the Continent.

We were hunted trapped, enslaved and imported as cargo from Senegambia (today’s Senegal, Gambia, Guinea-Bissau and Mali) and west-central Africa, including what is now Angola, Congo, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Gabon…

What It’s Going to Take to Get from Here to There

You say, “Riot.” I say, “Unrest.”

You say, “Punk.” I say, “Protester.”

Does it really matter? What’s in a word, anyway?

A lot, actually.

Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, the embattled mayor of Baltimore twice chose the word “Thugs,” last night on national television, to describe those who have taken to her…

I interviewed David Petraeus, in late October 2012, in his capacity as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency for a gathering of leaders at the White House. I spent well over two hours with the general, first in the Green Room and then on stage, in close proximity to…

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Award-Winning Journalist, Broadcast TV and Radio Personality, Passionate about Racial and Social Justice. JamiFloyd.com

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