The War On Women

The Fight for our Bodies, Our Voice, Our Lives

Carrie Fischer as Princess Leia, Star Wars (1977)
First all-women jury. Washington DC, 1929.

Here is the truth.

This decision is coming down, one way or another. We always knew it would. Draft or no draft, Roe v. Wade is not long for this world. It never was. Because women have never been valued as total participants in this democratic experiment. We should think about Roe as we would a loved one dying a death of a thousand cuts. Eventually, it is going to succumb.

It’s time to end this War on Women.

Abortion has been a motivator for conservative voters for 50 years. It helped propel Donald Trump, over Hillary Clinton, to the White House in 2016. He then made good on his promises around the abortion issue, appointing three conservative justices in just four years.

Women’s March, NYC 2016 (Author’s photo).



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